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* Carbonaceous matters: [[Media:template_matter-carbonaceous_commented_v056b.xml]]
* Carbonaceous matters: [[Media:template_matter-carbonaceous_commented_v056b.xml]]
* Cosmic dust matters:  TBD
* Cosmic dust matters:  TBD
* Molecular solids matters:  TBD
=== Samples ===
=== Samples ===

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Data providers can found here the generic XML import files that are described in the preparation document.

They are fully documented versions with the definition of each keywords, units and list of accepted values (for enumerations). Non-documented (more compact) versions will be also available.

A series of specialized versions (reduced and partially filled) for specific experiments and/or data types (e.g. for thin film of molecular solids, for reflectance spectroscopy) will be also available to simplify file filling.

All xml files of already imported data (of any type) can be retrieved by going to the data page and its 'Import history' tab: the link on 'Get the file(s)' of the last correction (or first import if no correction) will give you the original xml file(s) (including data provider comments). You can thus found the closest data to yours and only slightly modify the structure (be care, several unused options or keywords may have been deleted) and then change the data content to get your import file.


[edit] Fundamental data imports

(Import only by database manager)

[edit] Species

[edit] Objects (for meteorites)

[edit] Band lists / bands / States


[edit] Basic data imports

(Import only by database manager)

[edit] Laboratories / Experimentalists

[edit] Instruments

[edit] Publications


[edit] Laboratory Data imports

(Import only by data providers)

[edit] Matters

[edit] Samples

[edit] Experiments + instrument parameters + spectra

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