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The "Solid Spectroscopy Data Model" (SSDM) allows a complete description of spectral data of solid materials. It includes a detailed description of the solid samples through their layers, materials, matters, constituents and species. Specific description of some types of natural matters (fluids, minerals, meteorites, organics, ...) are also included. The instruments and techniques used for the measurements are also fully described. The spectral data are of two types: spectra and their various higher levels products (instrument/technique specific) and band list (quite autonomous database, but with links to spectra). The spectral range considered is from VUV to sub-mm wavelengths (currently extending from X-rays). All types of optical spectroscopies are considered. Publications associated with the spectral data are also included in this database. SSDM is the foundation of the GhoSST database structure.

Sample structure from layers to atoms

A stable version of the core of SSDM (v0.4) has been released in July 2011. The attached version (v0.5.6a) contain several major extensions, in particular the 'bandlist/bands/states' data model (and some extensions), as well as several 'matters' DM, a 'chemical functions' DM ... . All these extensions are already implemented in GhoSST.

The SSDM expert working group includes: B. Schmitt, D. Albert, P. Bollard, L. Bonal, M. Gorbacheva, P. Beck and E. Quirico (IPAG, Grenoble, F); D. Baklouti, R. Brunetto, E. Dartois (IAS, Orsay, F), J. Helbert, M. D'Amore (DLR, Berlin, D), Y. Daydou, P. Pinet, K. Demyk (IRAP, Toulouse, F), F. Duvernay, P. Theulé (PIIM, Marseille, F), E. Le Menn, A. Oancea, M. Giraud, S. P. Thollot, Le Mouelic (LPGN, Nantes, F), G. Leto, M. Munari (Catania Astrophys. Obs., I), C. Popa, A. Rotundi, M. (INAF, Capodimonte), B. Sivaraman, N.J. Mason (Open University, GB), R. Caracas, G. Montagnac (ENS-Lyon, F), H. Clenet (LGL, Lyon), R. Georges (IPR, Rennes, F), E. Sciamma O’Brien (LATMOS, Verrières, F), G. Arnold, K. Markus (Univ. Münster, D), C. Jäger, (Institut für Festkörperphysik, Jena, D), H. Mutschke (AIU, Jena, D).

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