Micro Spectro-Gonio Radiometer

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Laboratory Experiment facility

Facility name:

Micro Spectro-Gonio Radiometer

Location: Institut de Planétologie et Astrophysique de Grenoble CNRS - Université Grenoble Alpes Saint Martin d’Hères, France

Persons in charge:

- Scientific : Bernard Schmitt, Research director & Pierre Beck, Assistant Professor

- Technical : Olivier Brissaud, Engineer

General description

The new spectro-gonio radiometer currently under developement will be optimized for the measurement at low temperature of bidirectional reflectance spectra, over the visible and near-IR (at least from 400 to 4800 nm), of dark and very small samples (organics, meteorites…) down to about 1 mm3 in volume.

sample holders:

It will have 2 major sample holder configurations:

- Open sample holders (various sizes down to 3 mm diameter, 0.1 mm depth) over the -20°C ─ +20°C temperature range (cold chamber).

- The SERAC environmental cell (-40°C ─ +80°C ) previously described with a set of sample holders (small sizes) adapted to this new setup.

Tools and sub-systems:

A number of sample preparation tools and experiment sub-systems are available to the facility:

- For samples preparation: another cold chamber (down to -20°C), set of sample holders, several specific tools for ice sample preparation, set of sieves, grinders, mortars, saw, balances, microscope, owen, ultra-pure water, several pure gasses, wet chemistry materials a, several owens (up to 1200°C) for sample treatments.

- For the experiment: a thermodynamic volumetric system with high accuracy pressure gauges (10-6 to 1 bar), a flow meter (1-10 sccm) and pumps. He-Ne laser + detectors, camera for sample monitoring, …

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