How to import data with XML files

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Follow the order described above for the imports.

For the “Fundamental data”

- take an empty template or get an already filled one - Fill the corresponding template at your best - test it in 'simulation mode': "Producer/Import simulation" - send it to the database manager who will verify the file and import it ("Manager/import").

For the “Data” (sample, experiment and spectra)

  • Use the GhoSST interface:
    • Data/import/ and choose either:
      • “sample”
      • “experiment and spectra”
    • Or go directly to:
      • Data/import/Sample
      • Data/import/Spectrum
  • Select the corresponding file
  • Parse/import the metadata (+ spectral data for “spectra”)
  • Debug your XML file from the “bug” information provided
  • The parser check many types of problems:
    • Correctness of data format
    • Correctness of data syntax (key-word names, unexpected key-words, …)
    • If the mandatory key-words are filled
    • If values are within the accepted set of ‘enumerations’ elements
    • If references (index, molecules, …) to data effectively exist in the database
      • In some cases it can propose you to choose one of the values existing in the database
    • If there are missing spectra files
    • ...
  • When import is successful it will let you know!
  • Always verify that your data are in the database (and that all values are correct) using GhoSST interface (Data/Search)
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