General rules to fill data XML files

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  • Better use an evolved text editor (such as Notepad++) in order to well see the structure and type of the file elements
  • There are two types of tag
    • Structure tabs
    • Keywords tabs

Generally organized as follow:

<import type="type">
   <structure_2><!—multiple -->
     <keyword_a>value 1</keyword_a>
     <keyword_b>value 2</keyword_b>
[beginning of copied block]
     <keyword_a>value 3</keyword_a>
     <keyword_b>value 4</keyword_b>
[end of copied block]
   <keyword_c>value 5</keyword_c>
   <keyword_d>value 6</keyword_d>

  • Respect the indented and hierarchical structure with always an entrance tag (<structure>) and an exit tag (</structure >)
  • Tags marked as can be copied (full block) if needed. Make the necessary “block copy” (between <structure> and </structure >) and copy it just after </structure >
  • If used, order must be unique by tag.
  • Fill your values between the tags: <keyword>value</keyword>
  • The definition of each keywords, its unit (or the keyword defining it), and the list of valid values for enumeration is given after the keyword between
  • Keywords marked as !<-- **Mandatory**--> should be filled and cannot be removed
  • Keywords marked as !<--**Mandatory in option**--> should be filled only if some option is chosen and then also cannot be removed [these conditional keywords are not yet implemented]
  • All other keywords are optional. You can remove the unnecessary ones, or left them empty.
  • Enumeration type must contain one item (exact value!) of the list given in brackets {item1, item2, …].
  • Indexes (such as <sample_index>) are references from the GhoSST database, you have to found the index beforehand (GhoSST interface: Data/Search)
  • Tags marked "cf. _____ template" invites you to look for the corresponding template file and copy the needed tags (but this copy has been done in most of the files).
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