"Grenoble Astrophysics and Planetology Solid Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics" database service

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The GhoSST service contains:

GhoSST content

The spectroscopic database of GhoSST provides experimental data and products from IPAG on:

The database still contain only a small number of these spectroscopic data compared to the selection of the best data accumulated during the last 20 years of spectroscopic experiments at LGGE-LPG-IPAG: > 2000 spectra and spectral products for > 120 synthetic and natural materials in various solid states and temperatures (out of > 25000 recorded spectra).

The data feeding of the database with only fully validated data is in progress. But it is a tremendous and long term work! It will strongly depend on the scientific manpower devoted to this service in the coming years for data analysis, validation, and documentation. But 2012-2013 should be quite productive!

Current state:

GhoSST (v0.5, beta version) has been opened to the public on September 25th 2012. GhoSST v0.6 (including datamodel and software features updates) has been released on February 4th 2014.

http://ghosst.osug.fr (this page!)

The current GhoSST web interface provides users with a number of tools for searching, displaying and exporting spectra:

Login (registration) is not necessary for search and display of spectra but only to access detailed information and for data export.

This beta version, under stabilization phase, may still contain some bugs. Please report them through the ‘contact’ form (at bottom of page)

Future extensions

The GhoSST database capabilities and tools will continue to evolve. The main developments in progress are: