Scientific manager: Bernard Schmitt (Senior scientist) [Bernard.Schmitt "at"]
Software manager: Damien Albert (Database engineer) [Damien.Albert "at"]

Software development: Philippe Bollard (CTO of Coriolys)

Scientific contributors (Data validation and documentation):

Technical contributor (Data acquisition):
Former technical contributors (database software development):
Works by several post-doc and PhD will be included in the databases:
And many graduate students significantly contributed to the data acquisition and analysis since 1989.


The development of the GhoSST database service is part of the development of:

It is supported since 2006 by:

And get some support by:

The GhoSST database service (inside the SSHADE-GhoSST project) is candidate for "labellisation" in the SO-5 general service ("Centres nationaux ou internationaux de traitement et d'archivage des données") of INSU / CNRS.

Technical components used

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